Monday, February 11, 2008

Back among the living

Back at work today after a week of feeling totally blah. This must be some sort of super flu as still today I'm coughing and sniffling. At least today I have consistent energy and feel like an engaged member of society.

My 3.5 days at home last week had a repitive patter of wake up, eat something, nap and repeat. When up I would turn on daytime tv and get pretty bored by it's offering. On the View they yell at each other. Regis irritates me. Rachel Ray I can take in doses. I don't even bother with Maury or the others. Oprah gets pvr'd everyday anyway. Dr Phil is no fun anymore.

My favourite soap - Days of Our Lives is painful to watch two days running, - nothing happens.

I couldn't read as every time I coughed (which was a lot) I'd lose my place.

This is not a whoa is me post, we need better daytime tv.

Didn't got to weigh in this week because I felt off and the coughing was still crazy. I didn't actually feel more better than worse until Sunday. It sorta sucks about the weigh in as I knew I'd be down. I didn't track a thing while sick, I just ate when I was hungry. Novel idea really, I was eating normally by Thursday and the loss stayed but now I'm back in the office so we'll see what this Saturday brings.

Of course I didn't go to cake decorating on Thurdsay but thankfully my decorating buddy picked up the lesson book and this week I get to make a cake with fondant. Golly! I feel like I went from kindergarten to High School. I'm a bit nervous as I don't have any fondant to play with and won't until I walk into Michael's cake in tow on Thurdsay.

So Friday will be cake a palooza at work. The class cakes will be here and it's my decorating buddies birthday. I'm making her a frozen mousse cake so that will come to work on Wednesday and live in the freezer until Friday. For a minute I thought I had a paper due this weekend too, but thankfully that's the week after. Plus my Dad's dropping in on Saturday so I've got a lot to do between now and Friday. No rest for the wicked they say.

Tonight I want to practise some of the decorating techniques they covered last Thursday. Tomorrow I need to frost the cake decorating cake (which I baked yesterday) and make the birthday cake. Wednesday haul the birthday cake to work and put together everything I need for Thursday, Thursday cake decorating and Friday clean house.

Oy vey, I think it will be early to bed tonight.


Diane Mandy said...

Ok, I'll say it anyway Woe is YOU! Really. I hope you get healthy soon!

Floating Princess said...

I hope you feel better soon! You're going to LOVE fondant! The fondant rose is awesome and you'll never want to make butter cream roses again.

Living to Feel Good said...

Oh I hate that when you are so sick you are in bed all the time, and you are right the day time tv is LOUSEY!!!
Hope you feel better soon.