Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Catching up

My apologies about not being on here for awhile. Life just happened.
Saturday-My Dad came in for a visit, fixed the leak in my basement that plumber dude said would take about $300 and I would have to get my water turned off by the city. Well it took one wrench and 4 minutes to fix. Yeah Dad!!!!!
I went to weigh in for the first time in two weeks. So I had one week off sick, didn't track a thing. The following week I ate out for lunch practically everyday and also tracked nothing. Add in the week before TOM and I wouldn't be surprised to see again. Well I stepped on the scale and it danced between .0, .2, .4 and .6 finally landing on a number to give me a loss of .2. Heck I'll take it.

Sunday - Ran around with a friend and saw 27 Dresses (so cute) and watched Knight Rider when I got home. I like it.

Monday-Read 4 chapters in my textbook as I was seriously behind. I have a paper due this coming Monday.

My week is shaping up to be busy. Tonight I'm meeting another friend at Rocky Mtn Soap Company for their skin care launch, then I go home and make icing.
Tomorrow it's cake decorating again but just flowers no cake and I need to have part of the paper ready because I need to interview my co-workers.
Friday is official audit day at work so I get to accompany the auditor. Friday night is dinner with friend and then winefest.
Sat - Sun - Finish paper and make 38 fondant roses.
Egad I'm looking forward to a relatively uneventful last week of February.

Still coughing so finding workouts a challenge with that and time wise.

Oh well, it will all come together.

Hope everyone is doing well.


Diane Mandy said...

Handy fathers are THE BEST!

Fatinah said...

score one for dads!
my husband loves the soap from Rocky Mountain Soap Co. - you just reminded me that we are down to our last bar!!
I need a nap after reading all you have to do this week!!

jodi said...

yea, good job dad! and congrats on the loss - unexpected ones are always the best, right? ;o)