Friday, April 25, 2014

What a week

What a week.


It was the first full work week in a while as I took that last two Fridays off so I woke up on Wednesday thinking it was Thursday. A bit of a disappointment that’s for sure.


Tuesday was the last group grief counselling session and they asked us to plan a get together on our own. I’m conflicted about that as part of me feels that I’m in a far better place now than I was when I started.


In the group people are still in different stages understandably as grief is different for everyone.


I am kind of happy to have my Tuesday nights back as I head into half marathons roughly 4-6 weeks apart. We do have a date and time booked so I’ll probably go to the first one and see.


When we wrap up we do a sort of round table and I said that despite the randomness of how we all got together based on each having a traumatic event, I really appreciated all of their support and sharing of their situations. Further down some one said it’s not random it was meant to be. I get that.  The thing holding me back from being part of a continuing group is the continual reminder of loss, it’s not like I don’t think about my Dad or my Mom on a regular basis.


This week has been a bit bananas at work as we wrap up the last of the big projects for the year.


While this job and my last job involved getting people to do things by a due date, I find the people I deal with now who should know better are sometimes far more difficult to herd. In fact yesterday was particularly painful. I really try to be attentive and respond to requests quickly so it drives me a little bonkers when I don’t receive the same.


I’m noticing a very cold shoulder from one group who I had to tell had more work to do.


I realize I need to let that go and I’ve been really focusing on keeping positive, being kind and polite, like thanking the guy handing out the free Metro every morning at the train station.


Life is too short to hold grudges.


When I went home last night I was still really rattled, disappointed and a bit mad that someone else was jeopardizing my project. That did result in some stupid food decisions like Doritos, mac n cheese, ice cream and a beer. Oh yes because I skipped the gym which probably would have been a better idea to work out the anger.


I’ll be at the gym tonight after all weigh in is tomorrow.


Tomorrow is off to the Calgary Expo, Calgary’s version of comic con. I’m heading into it a wee disappointed as two of the actors I really wanted to see cancelled. None of the seminars are all that appealing to me either. This is the tough part you buy the passes before all that is locked down.


It started on Thursday and they’ve been posting pictures of costumes, wow the creativity is amazing and the effort people put in absolutely incredible. Feeling a wee intimidated as me and my R2D2 hoody are not quite up to snuff.


I don’t even know if I’ll go on Saturday and Sunday we shall see. I do have the goal to experience as much as I can.


Next week will be short as I’m leaving at noon on Wednesday to try and nap before my red eye flight to Toronto on to Orlando for Expedition Everest Challenge.


I should start packing this weekend too.


Have a great weekend everybody!!




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