Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week from HE - double hockey sticks

Oy vey last week was a challenge.

Monday night was a quick rehearsal for the conference, I was there early but luckily that worked out and I got all my stuff and didn't need to wait till 5pm.

Tuesday was memento night at Group Grief Counselling, I struggled with this. One I knew it would difficult to talk about my Dad and two I had no idea what to bring. My Dad didn't like attention so I know I'd keep it simple so I took a picture off my desk. Not to mention it was also the 12th anniversary of my Mom's passing it was a rough day.

 There were less people at group counselling and I can see why this was a difficult exercise. I totally burst into tears while I was talking about my Dad and I despise crying in front of people, I felt bad as I was the first person to really lose it during their presentation but after me loads of others did so maybe I made them feel comfortable.

Earlier in the day on Tuesday I had to get hosiery for the conference so I ran to the Bay at lunch, I ran past this purse and thought this is perfect for Stampede as the whole downtown core dresses western for 10 days. There was only one so I told myself if it's still there on my way back it's mine and well it was.

Hello fringe!!

Wednesday and Thursday was the conference and I managed to introduce my 4 speakers without incident and the key note speaker on the 2nd day actually made my little grey cells snap to attention, quite frankly up till then everything seemed a little meh. On the last day I did volunteer to do the speaker selection again in 2016 (next time Calgary hosts) as I learned a lot and thought of things I'd do differently.

I took Friday off as I had some more emotional errands to run. The first one was to pick up the vase I ordered for Dad. I was a nice day so I decided to walk back to the train which was about a 30 minute walk. I passed some views I haven't taken time to admire in a while.

 Lions gate bridge, these lions used to be stone but as they were deteriorating the city removed them to a safe place and replaced them with these that are made out of stronger material, though they are still as majestic.

 A glimpse into Chinatown surrounded by downtown towers and the Chinese Cultural Centre.
 The Bow River
The iconic Calgary Tower now dwarfed by the Bow Tower and Suncor Energy Centre, it actually shoots flame from the top since we hosted the Olympic in 1988.

I also visited H&R Block to do Dad's terminal return and my tax return, I finally found someone who was well versed in terminal returns and she offered to help me with the clearance certificate step as well.

Saturday was weigh in and I was up .8, but I kind of expected that. This week I'm bound and determined for a loss. I thought about joining a summer challenge on facebook but then decided against it. I don't do well in group challenges but there's no reason I can't challenge myself.

I already made my lunch for tomorrow and it's in the fridge. It's super salad week. I'm not a fan of lettuce so my salad is tomatoes, cucumber, orange pepper, red onion, mushrooms, ham and boiled egg. Sort of my version of the chopped salad.

Tomorrow I have my last individual grief counselling appointment, originally that was scheduled for after group finished but my counsellor is off to a new opportunity and I really liked her so I'm glad I can see her again.

Tuesday is another group grief counselling and it's the 2nd last one. I can't say I've learned a lot of new things but even my individual counsellor said I had done my research on grief. I have really appreciated hearing the stories of the group though and really knowing I'm not alone.

Well I need go get laundry out of the dryer, breakfast is organized and ready to go for tomorrow.

This will be a good week.

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Enz said...

Calgary is a beautiful city! I Had no idea!

Even if you feel you didn't "learn" anything, sometimes just letting it all out is helpful. Grief and mourning don't have calendars. It will take as long as it takes.

This WILL be a good week.