Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A whole new chapter on a completely new level.

Well I got a huge surprise on Tuesday, I was packaged out.

Didn't see it coming at all, took me totally by surprise but mind  you it was a package and a tremendous amount of outplacement support.

I then got wind of others let go as well so I can only guess the restructuring finally hit my group. I've seen it happening in other area and always figured it would hit us soon enough and tada. Is it sad that I felt better finding out I wasn't the only one.

I will not say one bad thing about my old company, I learned a lot and met great people and can only look at this as a new opportunity.

Of course emotions have been all over the place. My survival instinct kicked in. I secured references, updated my resume and already applied for 2 jobs just because they closed while I'm at Disney World. Sent my resume to my old boss to take a look at it.

Last night my mind was all over the place:

I just bought a car! - It's ok you have the money and this will actually open up opportunities as you won't need to rely on transit or have to take 2 buses and a train or something like that.

OMG I booked 6 months of yard work - it's o.k you can swing it and it's still good to get the lawn in good condition. Plus this frees you up to take care of Dad's house.

OMG I have runs booked from now till November - it's o.k they are all paid for including the travel, we will find a new job that is ok with those long weekends

I do feel this is going to be a new adventure and a new opportunity to learn more. Spread my wings I guess.

My gym membership is paid for the year, I can check out all the classes I couldn't otherwise. Heck I could focus a whole lot of time on me getting fitter. I'll keep WW. I remember years ago when I had to job hunt WW got cut but I think it's a priority for me so I don't wallow. Last time I wallowed and almost gained every pound back.

I was touched by the outpouring of support messages I got, I'm happy I left a positive impression.

God will never give you something you can't handle.

It could be worse this could have happened 10 months ago and I'd be 100% wrapped in grief and having to look into a new job. It could be really worse and not get a package, by getting a package this means without cause.

I'm blessed that financially I'm ok for awhile if need be but I won't wait to get hunting as you never know when the right opportunity comes your way.

I do leave for Disney World tomorrow so I'll be in the happiest place on earth.

Today I also go the final assessment on my Dad's taxes so I can go onto the final step - the clearance certificate. The first anniversary is 8 weeks away, I can't believe a year has almost passed.

Heck having the vehicle may mean I don't need to rent a bin, just do mini trips and room by room haul the garbage back home to dispose of. I'm planning on doing an estate sale at any rate before I deal with any furniture. Then even look at donating items that are in good condition. The first pass will be for stuff I want to keep and I know that's minimal. By keeping it to shorter trips that might be better for me anyway as it freaks me out staying there for long periods. It's very very isolated and way too quiet.

Of course I'll be more mindful with spending.

I know I need to stay focused and positive. I could not sleep last night my mind was spinning so I started reading Robin Sharma's Greatness guide. It was just what I needed. The chapters are short but I felt better as I read. I'll keep reminding me of this.

My mind would go down a dark path, I now have no family and no job but no that does not define me. I define me.

So let this completely new chapter begin - first up Expedition Everest Challenge at Disney World. I guess the timing couldn't have been better. Then when I get home I will put together the plan.

I know a new adventure is just around the corner


Jaime said...

Holy moly woman, what a time! Love to read that you've already pulled out the silver linings...that is surely a great step in the right direction, and will lead to another fabulous job. Good luck in Disney!

Enz said...

I really think this is becoming more and more frequent/common. It's happened to me three times in 7 years. The first time was devastating, especially as I had been in the organization so long and had such a huge part in their growth. The second two times were inconvenient and annoying...but one thing I learned is that each time those doors closed, new ones opened that I didn't even know existed.

The scariest part is the financial concern, but it sounds like you have that in hand and will be ok. My only advice is to apply for EI now, even though you have a package. Probably, you will not need it, and it won't kick in until your package weeks are up anyway, but if you wait it is such a headache to deal with later.

I am looking forward to your new adventures!

marie said...

Your positivity is phenomenal! I hope that a great position falls in your lap very soon.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

I'm just catching up but you are in such a positive space about life!! Best of luck in your new adventure!