Saturday, February 08, 2014

2 losses in a row

It's still blechy cold and I headed out in -20c something windchill to go to go to weigh in.

While we've had so much snow and bitterly cold I've been taking the shuttle bus to the meetings and oh do I miss the walk. I'm so looking forward to dry sidewalk.

The victory this week is I tracked every single day, I can't remember the last time I did that. It was a crazy week as apart from planning workouts my food planning not so great.

I hit the treadmill twice during the week and tomorrow I will go to the gym for another go in preparation for the Glass Slipper Challenge.

I was rewarded with a -0.8 loss at WI, and a new daily point value of 27. Heading into the right direction.

I finally watched the season finale of Biggest Loser and I think enough has been said about Rachel's win. Can I say way to go Tumi, she looked fierce and did it at home.

I'm so excited about the Olympics, I love the Olympics. It inspires me, introduces me to or reminds me of sports I'm not so familiar with i.e. Biathlon and Curling.

Reignites love for sports like Figure Skating and Aerial skiing

More then that I'm constantly in awe of these athletes who have spent the last 4 years with their eyes on Olympic games. Every training and every competition in between with focus on these games.

In University I did a degree in Russian so it's kind of neat to see how much I remember as I watched the Opening Ceremonies today. Happily the Alphabet and ability to count down from 10 is still intact.

On Friday my work had a little mini Olympics as we do sponsor the Canadian Olympic team.

 Curling anyone?
 A race track but instead of cars there were bobsleds

 We even had our own opening ceremonies complete with Olympic (paper) flame.
 There was Wii U station and I had no idea there was a pair's figure skating game.

 I got the airbrushed temporary tatoo

Today I was running around in the Adidas Canadian Olympic pants which are now my favourite lounge pant and a Canadian Olympic team jacket and t-shirt from the Hudson's Bay.

I did win that prize pack from the Hudson's Bay on Twitter and scored a lot of Olympic Gear, they've now set up in the lobby of my building twice.

This time I couldn't resist this fella, going back to my floor a woman in the elevator actually pet him. He's very popular as everyone wants to hug him.

I was pvring the opening ceremonies on Friday but when I got home I found out I had no phone or internet or tv and I looked at backyard and saw that the phone line was laying in my yard. It detached from my house, how I have no idea how that happened but I phoned Telus and they said they'd send out a tech today.

The tech called while I was at WW and actually came early to fix it. I lock my gates so he had to use a ladder to climb over but everything worked when I got home. Of course I discovered it didn't tape the Opening Ceremonies but my Telus Optik had it on On Demand so I could watch it today.

Coming up this week I have another grief counselling appointment on Tuesday and then I'm taking Friday off for a super long weekend, not for any particular reason but I'll start prepping for Florida.

Today I did start to meal prep in order to bring my lunch to work next week and have dinner options post gym. Tomorrow I tackle breakfast as I'm going to make some egg frittata muffins for a more protein focused breakfast as I'm getting bored with oatmeal.

Now I have my eye on the goal as after Glass Slipper Challenge the next half is in June and at home. I want to be very focused on being strong and trained as from now on my eyes are on Dopey in Jan 2015.

Also starting to think about destination for Christmas 2014 probably because it's still winter.


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Jessica said...

Good job on another loss. Sounds like a busy week.
I never watched the Olympics much until I got married. My husband loves it :)