Friday, February 14, 2014

Less than a week

Until I'm on my way to Orlando and the Glass Slipper Challenge.

Number 2 race this year that I'm less then prepared for, mind you I went into Tink that way so I figure if I survived that I'll survive this.

Then when I come back I train full out for the Calgary Half in June to see what it feels like to be completely prepared.

Tomorrow it's off to weigh in and not sure what I'll see. I've tracked but as to staying on plan not so great. The number on the scale this morning was very encouraging so we'll see what Saturday brings.

I took today off as I expected it to be very very quiet and Monday is Family Day so a super long weekend for me. Today was pajama day and cleaned off the pvr. The major goal for this weekend is thorough house cleaning and meal prep. Yes I only have a two day work week next week but when I get back I go straight back to work so I thought better get sorted.

I also want to pack for GSC as I'm taking the red eye flight to Toronto in the wee hours of Thursday to get to Orlando earlier than most of the other flights that don't get in till 11:00pm.

This was a weird week.

On Tuesday I got the license plate for Dad's car which I sold in December, yeah I sold it to the most wishy washy family I've ever met. It was the first thing of his I sold though.

Tuesday night I get a call from the lawyer to say the will has cleared probate now on to the final tax return and clearance certificate.

On Wednesday I had another grief counselling appointment. I love my counsellor this was only our 2nd meeting but I'm so at ease with her.

I told her I journal and have been trying meditation, I have a tough time with meditation as I tend to nod off. She was very happy with that and told me she doesn't need to tell me a lot as I'm seem to be discovering things on my own so she listens to me ramble.

We'll have one more meeting then it's off to group for 6 weeks.

I actually got a journal specifically for my parents this week. As I want to keep that separate. When my Dad passed I had a notebook where I recorded all the things I had to do or who I had to phone. At the back of the notebook I had written a few letters to Dad. Today I taped those pages in the journal and wrote a little letter to Mom. This journal is all about my parents, what I want to tell them or noting moments of memory.

That's been the weird part of this whole process is how much my mind goes to my Mom.

Speaking of Mom when I was little we used to go this bank downtown that was in a historic building that had the most amazing ceiling, later it turned into an A&B Sound. Of course spent time in there as a teenager as the CD selection was huge. They moved out a long time ago and it's been empty.

Well the other day I noticed a gym is going in there and I'm so intrigued. I'm kind of meh about Spa Lady as the bulk of their classes are aimed more at the schedule of suburban moms. I've been using the corporate gym which is super cheap but it's tiny and I'm not so keen on working out with people I work with.

This gym should be pretty big and it's right next to my church which is 2 blocks away from where I work. So depending on hours this may be my new gym.

They don't open till the summer but apparently in a few weeks they'll open an info trailer. They posted some draft floor plans on their website so the mind is whirling.

Booked the spring lawn package and decided to a little overboard only because my backyard has been neglected forever so it deserves some TLC and I figure if they can get into shape it will be easier for me to maintain.

Now you're up to speed.

Hope of all you are doing well.

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Enz said...

It feels like you just got back from Disney!!! I am green with envy!

I know you will rock it.