Sunday, August 25, 2013

Just plain overwhelmed

I haven't been blogging lately as I honestly didn't have much to say, not that I do now. I started this blog for me and had to remember I could write whatever I wanted as it's personal choice if anyone actually reads it.

The cold has gone, thankfully but the cough remains which worries me a bit as that can always be bronchitis but it doesn't feel like the same cough when I had bronchitis. With only 5 days left till I leave for Disneyland and the Dumbo Double Dare there's not a whole lot I can do about it now. I don't really want to start any meds at this point and it's not awful like waking me up. I find it doesn't really get going until I do a lot of talking or have dairy.

I'm going to focus on more natural remedies. I haven't run since last Sunday and I'm thinking I'll leave it that way and keep focused on staying fresh for the races and focus on nutrition and proper sleep. I'm just going to do the best I can, hopefully finish then when I get back start training for Tinker Bell.

On Friday I went and ordered a headstone for my Dad, wicked complicated in way as I needed to keep in mind the rules of the cemetery. One thing I absolutely wanted was a vase, my Dad was all about flowers so that was important to me. I wound up with a super fancy reversible vase, so have the option to have it out or flush with the ground. The flowers will be fake and I'm going to find the nicest fake flowers I can find. I am thinking of making it my final resting place too so I got the headstone spaced that a second name could be added if I ultimately want that. It was a wee freaky to see my name on the computer screen as we made sure all the spacing was correct.

On Saturday I rented a car to head out to my Dad's place to check on it. It was the first time I rented from the Enterprise location downtown. I loved that the dude walked me through the features of the car. That never happened when I rented from the airport. This time it was a Ford Focus with the push button start, I was totally thrown off that there was no key.  So far I think I enjoy the Ford the most.

I have to say the good thing about renting is I'm guessing most people think I'm a tourist on the highway and that's why I'm one of the few people actually driving the speed limit. I was passed by someone on the way back that must of been going 40k over the limit after he passed me. Not to mention the one who passed me when the speed limit dropped to 50 and they were going like 80 and continued going 80.

While at my Dad's the neighbour"s son dropped by to check out the Aveo. My first thought was that he was cute. He's blond which is something I don't normally go for. Let's factor in he's in the middle of a divorce with 2 kids and told me he's never been on his own. Met the ex at 17 been together for 20 years, married 16. Yeah he needs to be on his own for awhile but I think I made a new friend.

Also discovered why the Aveo was smelling funky, few months back my Dad told me about milk that opened on the way back from the grocery store (30 min drive). It's been smelling odd since, aha found mold. Yeah, so neighbour has a son with wicked allergies but that family has been super helpful so their putting the word out and think they know other potential buyers. One thing I notice was how humid the garage was a it's attached to the green house so that certainly didn't help the mold situation and probably made it worse.

Now I have something else to clean. I left the car outside and I'll find a cover for it so it can stay outside after I clean it. That will also make going through all the stuff in the garage easier. When he came over the car actually wouldn't start as the battery was dead but I found a charger. Recently they cleaned out their Aunt's barn so he was in scavenger mode and asked if he look around. I said sure. He mentioned a few things I could sell at the local garage sale but the enormity of what needs to be done hit me again. So much stuff. While admittedly I was embarrassed by all the stuff he just dove in not phased by it at all.

I have to take another week of vacation to meet my companies carry over vacation rules and now I know I'll be going back to Dad's for a week most likely in the fall. I'll talk to the boss tomorrow. I just need to tackle room by room. I want to book a garbage bin too so I can just haul any garbage straight into there. I'm thinking sometime in October or early November before it snows.

He said  he'd help and even we could call a gang together and get it done. Note to self - do not fall for this guy. He's cute, super easy to talk to and a super nice country boy - who is in the process of a divorce and two kids, hasn't been single in 20 years. Danger danger Will Robinson. Not to mention I'm not in a great emotional state to even start imagining a romantic relationship. He invited me over to the family homestead as they were having a fire, I opted out as I was driving back early today.

I think I have an idea for him to be the final owner of the car as I really do want it to go to a nice home, yes it's a thing. I do think he now wants a bigger vehicle at any rate I think with their help I'll have a buyer.

On the WW front tracking has been sketchy lately leading up to the headstone purchase. On Tuesday I went to the WW meeting with a co-worker so I could get some smoothie mix. I do like as an online member I can still go get a meeting product.

Tomorrow I need to start packing for Disneyland as I'm out to dinner with friends on Thursday and it's an early flight on Friday. I have a feeling this week will fly by.

So what's new with you?


Patty said...

Take your time with Dad's stuff. It took us about three months before we were even able to tackle his clothes. I know since his home is far away sooner is better but got at a pace your comforable. :)

John Quinlivan said...

So sorry to hear about your Dad Cowgirl. Sounds like you are having a stressful time at the moment but you are coping well x

Enjoy the break in Disneyland