Wednesday, August 14, 2013

8 days flew by

I can't believe I haven't posted in 8 days and I wasn't even away.

I was down with a cold though, and still today have the sniffles. However I know that should go away soon.

That interrupted training as I couldn't breathe and I was so tired. This past weekend I spent the whole time in my PJs just trying to sleep it off.

The Dumbo Double Dare is going to be interesting. I'm not sweating the 10K I got that.

I joined a few Facebook groups dedicated to Disney runs, more specifically the Disneyland Half (part of the Dumbo Double Dare), Tinkerbell (January) and the Glass Slipper Challenge (February).

What struck me on the Disneyland Half one was people talking about being worried about being swept up. That hasn't even occurred to me. I'm confident I'll finish. Heck if I can do a 5K at 5 am and then a half at 10 pm on the same day I got this.

I'm planning the last long run for Sunday, how long no idea I'm going to see how I feel. I need to road test my new FlipBelt.

I first saw this on Dani's blog Weight Off My Shoulders , she's actually hosting a giveaway for one enter here.

I sort of assume that most of these type of blogger giveaways are not open to Canadians unless the blogger is Canadian and too be honest I really wanted one as I'm always experimenting with how to cart stuff on runs. I got a royal blue one. I never carry water during a Disney run as the water stations are organized beautifully.

I stopped by the Running Room on Tuesday and picked up a Camelbak hand held water bottle to test out for home longer runs.

On Tuesday I also saw Elysium, I didn't like it and found it a little too violent as I'm not into that.

The new job is going well. Last week was nuts as quite frankly I was dealing with an idiot but now that this is done today and was so quiet. I know it won't last but I don't know what busy looks like in this job.

WW Online is going well, last week's tracking was sketch mostly due to the cold. Today I lost what I gained after coming back from Big Valley so back on track.

Today I signed up for a 10 week online training program for women over 40 (or getting there). Tamara is trainer from B.C and you can check out the details here. You may know her as Fitknitchik. I like how it's focused on effects of turning 40. To be honest I can't say I've felt too much at 41 but I know it's coming so why not head it off.

I had to ask her if her program would mesh with my half marathon training plan. It starts September 8th (You sign up until September 6th). She said it could but running causes stress in the body so I might not want to focus on a weigh goal rather on strength. However because I run/walk I'll still focus on weight too.

So now you're pretty up to date. For this weekend I also plan on picking out at a headstone for my Dad. I still haven't buried the urn but now I know when I want to do that. I can't believe it will be 2 months on Friday.

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