Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week blew by

The other good thing about coming back to Calgary and working a normal work week is I'll blog more.

This week went by fast and it was busy.

My boss came up to site on Wednesday with my replacement and I have to admit it had my emotions all over the place. One when my boss comes to site it's a little like hurricane. Then it really hit me that I won't see some of these people again, we have people from all over Canada and sure I might see the Calgary based folk. I won't see the Edmonton, Saskatoon or East Coast folks.

Then I had to change my flight as I need to be in Edmonton for two more Mondays after this Victoria Day long weekend. Then I had to call to cancel my normal flights after June 21st. That actually made me a little sad.

Friday I had to head downtown to get my hair cut and realized that my next appointment in 6 weeks can be on any day as I'll be based in Calgary.

Then I headed out for 4 mile walk around the neighbourhood as I need to get my training into full gear for the  Dopey run end of August.

Went to weigh in on Saturday morning, up 1.2 yup those wiggy emotions. However there are 35 days till I come back to Calgary so game on.

Saturday afternoon had a coffee with M and saw little baby B again, she's 3 months now and utterly adorable.

Today I went to Star Trek with an old work friend, awesome movie by the way and I see myself seeing it again at some point.

Then I came home to take out the garbage and put the sprinkler on. It's been threatening to rain all weekend but it's just spitting and the lawn needs water.

In between moving the sprinkler I started cutting down some rogue trees in my back yard. I have to admit my back yard is neglected. While I've been working up North it hasn't been my priority as I haven't even taken the patio set out of the shed.

Well I'll be home this summer so it's time to take control of the backyard. Hopefully the weather is nice next weekend as I'd like to get most of cleaned up so I can put the patio set out.

Well now your up to date on my life.

Tomorrow I head to work so it's time to turn off the sprinkler and start the wind down process must be to bed early.

I really hope all of you are doing well.


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