Sunday, May 12, 2013

Now just don't mess up

I still find Mother's Day a little rough despite my mom passing away 11 years ago. I do want to wish all the Moms out there a wonderful Mother's Day.

This is one of my favourite pictures, I still remember this day. I didn't know she was looking behind me when the picture was taken.

Today I focused on chores to keep my mind busy. I did my laundry, washed dishes, finally raked the lawn, plucked out the dandelions (can't believe they're already around), fertilized the lawn and now I'm watering it.

I have soaker hose type of sprinkler so I call this sprinkler Olympics as moving it takes effort. It's 50ft long.

This was all before noon today. I can already feel where I'll be sore tomorrow.

Yesterday was weigh in and I lost 2.2 lbs and I nice solid launch into the 180s, gee funny things happen when I follow the plan. I tracked all 7 days and used 39/49 of WP. I was super happy about this as I haven't had a 2lb loss in awhile.

It all comes down to how much effort I put in. Now my focus is don't mess it up this week. Keep the momentum going and focus on my goals. It was quite nice moving 11 glass beads from my pounds to go jar to my pounds lost jar. I use 1 bead per .2lb. I added two paperclips to my paperclip chain.

Now my routine is to stop off at Starbucks on my way to weigh in. Yesterday was warm so I was wearing a hoody and put my Gold Starbucks card in the pocket. I had it in my pocket with my iPhone now I did have the momentary thought of hmm maybe I should but that in the zippered pouch on my backpack. Well about a block before Starbucks I realized the card was not in my pocket and I probably knocked it out when I was changing songs on my iPhone. Well I continued to Starbucks and weigh in and thought I'll retrace my steps when I go home.

Well luckily I found the card on the sidewalk about a block away from house. Of course I got a new card at Starbucks thinking if I had lost it I could transfer the balance. I've lost the gold card before and it takes awhile to get the new one in the mail.

It turns out I don't need to go to Edmonton tomorrow as the meeting was cancelled. I do now have to get up at 3:30 am tomorrow to catch my usual early flight to work. I haven't done that in awhile. That's all about preparation. My clothes for tomorrow are all ready folded next to my bed for tomorrow and the alarm is set. Now I just need to pack my lunch, put my breakfast on the kitchen counter (I just have a WW chocolate smoothie as I can't eat at 3:30 am)

I really want a nap but that can't happen or my sleep tonight will be awful and I need to be in bed early.

The good news about taking my normal flight is I have no excuses about running when I get to camp.

I do wonder if I'll see an offer letter this week letting me know what day I return to a home office based role.

Well enough of my rambling, I do hope you all enjoy your Sunday.


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