Friday, May 10, 2013

I did it

I bought 100 bottles of Mio on Ebay, what can I say the US has way more flavors then Canada and this saves me weight in my suitcase when I travel. My current favourite is Peach Tea. They don't expire and will probably share with my friends. It was actually cheaper even with shipping then what a bottle costs in Canada. The funny part was a few more flavors launched in Canada as well. We now have lemonade, blackberry cherry and two of the electrolyte versions.

I've actually tracked every single day, I finally tracked despite my crazy schedule with the 3 hour road trip to Edmonton on Sundays and all the meals out until I return to site Monday night - that is a major victory for me. During the meeting on Monday I tracked using the app on my phone as it was very discrete.

I've also been doing well with water thanks to the Plant Nanny app.

I was focusing on back to basics by really focusing on tracking. Activity wasn't great as I've been so tired. I know that's due to the craziness at work plus finding out I was going back to the home office 6 months sooner then the original plan so a wee bit of stress about that. I was focusing on quality sleep and in bed early all week.

Downloaded the Cool Impossible by Eric Orton to see if I can learn somethings to improve my running.

I found my new favorite Keurig coffee. It tastes and smells like coconut...yum

My home scale is showing the 180s but we'll wait and see what tomorrow's weigh in says. The anchors I put into effect last weekend have been working as well.

I've had some slips but still have 10 WP left and caught myself, for example I didn't plan my lunch well on Sunday so by the time we got to Red Deer I was a hungry. I bought a bag of Doritos, we always stop at the gas station with the Tim Hortons. I stayed mindful and ate half the bag, tracked it and tossed the rest when I got to the hotel.

At breakfast the next day which is the hotel diner, I realized you get half an eggs benedict -one egg. So I got that but asked for the sauce on the side and had it with a side of sliced tomatoes. I think I'll keep doing that while I need to go to Edmonton.

This is my typical view in Edmonton, it's the back of the Labatt's beer plant and train tracks. I do prefer the track side as they call it as the trains go by periodically and they give you earplugs in your room. The other side faces Gateway and there's traffic constantly including fairly frequent sirens.

It's looking like the Scotiabank Half on the 29th is a no go due to work as I may need to be in Edmonton all day Sunday. It's still up in the air.

Today I'm focusing on keeping sodium down and finishing off the week strong.

I've started to pack up my camp room slowly and preparing for my return to the Calgary home office. I still don't have an official start date but I did see the request go in for somewhere for me to sit in the building as it's pretty full. Now that said mid-June but who's to say if that's mid or end.

My back to work wardrobe shopping will have to include some Western wear as I'll be there in time for Stampede. Though I am keeping that wardrobe building plan till after FitBloggin as there is a Nordstrom Rack very close to the hotel and I'm focused on losing as much as I can before I start buying clothes.

Nothing quite like clothes shopping to kick up one's motivation.

It's funny to look at all the stuff I've accumulated up as site I do have doubles of everything so all I had to do was carry a backpack back and forth.

Now when I first went up there I was lighter as well. I didn't realize I had 6 pairs of jeans but as I dug around the abundant amount of storage we have in our rooms sure enough stuffed towards the back of a shelf were 3 pairs I haven't worn in a long time. I took those home.

I wore one of the those pairs today as I thought I'd see if they fit. They fit but are a little snug so I wore them to go grocery shop. Yes I finally grocery shopped on a Friday so I can plan my meals for my 3 days off. I'm also trying to enjoy my Fridays off before I need to start working them again. Mind you there's been loads of time I've had to go in on Fridays.

I am looking forward to being able to plan out a whole week and blog a bit more frequently as my hours won't be quite so crazy. I was planning to go to Zumba tomorrow but I seriously need to rake my lawn so I think that will be my activity tomorrow.

I walked to Walmart and back and that's about 40min in total. I'm still going to do some yoga.

I'll be back tomorrow to report on weigh in.

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Kay Lynn Akers said...

I love the Mios. Too bad you have to go to so much trouble to get them. Those will last a long time!