Saturday, May 04, 2013

She read my mind

I went to weigh in today and I do believe my new leader is Nikki who was also a leader with UK WW.

That makes me super happy as the last leader did nothing for me. I was debating changing to a different meeting and found myself dreading going. I really like Nikki, she's funny and sparks good dialogue.

She talked about anchors today and that got me thinking about all the tools I used in the past that helped me be successful.

We also talked about how no one can make you follow the steps to weight loss. You can receive the tools but it's your choice to use them.

I bought a new 3 month tracker intending to start fresh. I got home and decided to finish my old one off. There are 2 weeks left in it.

I then flipped back through the pages and clearly saw how tracking drops off by Wednesday. Another thing we talked about is when you don't track everything or cheat a bit the only person you're cheating is you. Going back to the it's up to you to use the tools.

I got my paper clip chain, each paper clip represents one pound lost. I remembered how long it use to be. Where I had it now was behind the door to the basement. I moved it to my bedroom where I have to walk past it everyday.

My glass jars of beads - one for pounds to go the other for pounds lost was behind my perfume bottles. I rearranged things so those jars are front and centre.

I dug out my WW 10% key chain with the 25lb charm. Right now it was in my backpack. I put it in the ziplock I keep my tracker in as everyday that will be smack in front of me reminding me I can do this. I will do this.

Talked to an old friend and told then I'll be back to working in Calgary full time. She said you'll have to make all your own food. Yes and I'm looking forward to it. Grocery shopping and meal planning for 3 days wasn't easy for me nor was being at the mercy of what the camp chefs chose to offer.

I think back to the post I wrote yesterday as I was so focused on the past.

Today I'm focused on the future. I also had a 100% OP day. Day 1 done.

Bring on Day 2.

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