Saturday, August 22, 2015

Slip, not a slide

That was the theme of this week's Weightwatchers Meeting and I was the poster child. Yup I was up 1.8.

Living in a hotel from Sunday to Friday for the past two weeks didn't help with eating out for dinner every night and while I stayed true to my Thrive Mix for breakfast, my lunches were prepackaged microwaveable or cup a noodles.

Tomorrow I finally get the company apartment and I'm very excited to be able to cook my own meals. I first need to collect the keys from the other tenant as they've been moved to another building. They're hanging on to this apartment just for me.

It was a stressful week as the project I'm working on got cut short now I've been told the plan is that I return to the Calgary office when I'm done but I was supposed to be done by the end of October. The Project Director tells me on Monday I will probably only be needed for 2 weeks. What!!!! I knew my bosses in Calgary weren't expecting that. So now I'll be there until October 8th and that's to cover my co-workers vacation.

Oh and I'm in the process of trying to replace my roof in Calgary. The roofing company tells me the colour I wanted is out of stock so I picked another colour trying to remember the colour of my stucco. I was happy to see supplies on my roof when I got home yesterday.

It is a pretty boring drive from Calgary to Edmonton, I think you turn twice in the whole 3 hours. I always stop in Red Deer both ways for a bathroom break, snack and gas. Yesterday Gasoline Alley in Red Deer was crazy. I stopped at Mac Donalds (not the best choice). There was no where to park so I had to do the drive thru but then there was no where to stop to eat so I wound up reheating it when I got home. I should have just got a milk shake at Peter's as I had no idea there was one in Red Deer. The most awesome milkshakes.

I tried a new route home this week but at one point I followed the GPS, I was planning on turning on Highway 14 and the GPS said Highway 14s/Baseline so I turned only to wind up in massive construction and every turn off it wanted me to take was close so I backtracked to Highway 21 then to Highway 14 and then to Anthony Henday on the QE2. I will definitely take that route next Friday. But as I'm now in an apartment I'm debating driving home Saturday morning, yes that would only give me one day at home but the drive on a weekend morning is far calmer and less traffic. Plus if I can do laundry there I can do all that on Friday so it's a calmer Saturday.

It was raining on the way home and some crazy people were still going 30 to 40 KM faster than the speed limit.

We shall see, want to hit Costco again when I get to Sherwood Park and then off to pick up the key to the apartment. I really hope the other tenant cleaned it as that would really suck to drive 3 hours and then clean an apartment, grocery shop and meal prep.

Thinking positively.

My goals for next week:
Gym bag goes to work and right after work I either go to Goodlife or Millennium Place. Have a dinner ready to go so I plan to pre chop veggies so I can either make a salad or omelette when I get home. Plan lunches.

Track and drink water.

On to a new week!!!

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