Monday, September 21, 2015

What's your why?

Hello Again my friends,

Yes a long absence from blogging primarily because I had no laptop with me on my back and forth from Calgary to Edmonton for the past 6 weeks.

I did go do the Dumbo Double Dare and 5K at Disneyland in between, I got the bling unfortunately I don't have the picture handy but if you're on Instagram I'm Rundisneyaddict and there are some pictures there.

I have been driving back to Calgary every weekend to collect my mail, check on my house and attend my Weight Watchers meeting. I really like the people in the meeting and the leader so it was important to me to keep going.

My secondment has been cut short and I return to Calgary full time next Monday which I'm super happy about a I can resume my routine and back to the gyms I love.

Layoff rumours have reared up again but I like to focus on that if I'm not in control of something why should I worry about it.

A major topic of WW meetings lately is your why, why did you join or more broadly why are committing to getting healthier.

Now as I've mentioned before I think I've joined WW about 3 times falling off the wagon due to life events. I remember my initial why for joining was a friend of mine was doing it and it seemed really straightforward. I keep coming back to it because I know it works when I follow the plan.

In the meeting when it asked what is "why" now, well I have race goals that being lighter and fitter would be beneficial, I'm more inspired as I'm now in my 40s, also I don't want to dress to camouflage myself. I want to dress to highlight my success. Well that resonated with a few people in the meeting.

Which resulted into the re-introduction of the Fashionista Fund. I dusted off my jar which I still had. The goal for every 1lb lost  $20 goes in the jar and stays in the jar. So even on weeks where goodness forbid there's a gain the money stays in the jar. I'm quite excited actually.

I'm still waiting to receive one of the new Success Factors weigh in books, they are continuously out of stock in all of Canada apparently. Hopefully this Saturday.

I like that it puts more focus on a month at a time, still weighing in weekly but looking at the whole month instead of feeling derailed on one week. I love that it includes a spot for measurements and me time. I think of me time as soul time. I do live alone so the me time is expansive but when I do something that focuses on my well being apart from workouts like reading a book.

Now that I'll be back home and back on track for my training with gym schedules that work for me I will be blogging the journey to Dopey more often.

What's your why to lose weight and get fitter?

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