Saturday, October 10, 2015

A New Chapter

Hello my friends,

Well remember those lay off rumours I mentioned, well two days after being back in the Calgary office I was indeed laid off. Can't say I didn't see it coming. In fact my department went down by 1/3. When I shared that info with my friends they thought the company was evil and kind of have to agree on that one. With every major change you go through the steps of grief and anger is one of them.

To be honest I very much doubt that company will be in operation too much longer and that's not me being petty, at least I can't take it personally as hundreds of people have been laid in the company and hundreds are being laid off at a time in my fair city thanks to low oil prices.

That also means there is some super stiff competition on the job front but as I did see the writing on the wall I started applying while still in Edmonton.  I've had interviews. I've had 3 interviews with one company with the 3rd interview happening last Thursday. I know it was down to two people but my spider senses and red flags were screaming after that last interview and if it is offered to me I will be turning it down and that scares me to death but it's 100% clear that two groups I interviewed with are not at all on the same page and they have some serious issues that need to be fixed. In the interview they actually told me there were 3 people in 5 years in this role, yeah I can see why.

Had an interview with another company last Monday, now this job I would love but I know they were interviewing all week and now it's Thanksgiving Weekend so I expect next week I'll hear next steps or...thanks but no thanks. I'm so hoping it's not thanks but no thanks. While positive that I haven't heard anything yet if it goes much longer into next week my guess would be they went forward with someone else and just waiting for the Ts to be crossed and the I's dotted before letting all the interviewees know.

I continue to apply but I don't want to do what I did last time and jump at the first job. I would like to make sure the next move makes sense to me. I've exceptionally fortunate that I had a nest egg if necessary be without work for a few months - that does scare a part of me to death.  An additional thing to plan for is as it gets closer to Christmas recruitment typically stops.

This bust that my city is experiencing is supposed to bounce back but that seems to keep being pushed back and now the theory changes constantly

I've actually been officially unemployed for 10 days. I'm struggling to find my new routine as I wait for interviews.

Last week I just chilled and processed and went on interviews. I did two in one day which was exhausting for an introvert like me. Selling oneself is exhausting.

This week well it's a Thanksgiving Day on Monday and I think I'll go advance vote for the Canadian Federal Election.

Tuesday - no plans but I want to start reorganizing my kitchen
Wednesday - Appointment at the bank and coffee date
Thursday - Another coffee date but helping a friend with their resume. I am a bit of resume whisperer.
Friday - yet to be determined

While the weather is nice I can also get some work done on Dad's house. I have a non ending list of projects.

I vow to go to the gym to get out of the house daily. Heck on day one of unemployment I de-scaled my kettle. I'm not good without some sort of routine.  Came home from grocery shopping last Wednesday to see my neighbours were getting their eavestroughs replaced. I had to move my car for the boys so I asked if they could give me an estimate. My eavestrough was in dire need of replacement so the quote looked good and I had new eavestroughs by Friday.

My Dopey training wasn't great while in Edmonton and then I have been in a bit of pity party the last few days to the point I thought maybe I should try to defer.

But then I gave myself a kick in the patootie decided to prepare as best I can with the time remaining and do the best I can. Heck if I get swept that will just fuel me to do it again.

So I'm going to take this time to do a little soul searching, getting sorted, staying positive and job hunting.

I will be dropping by here more often to regale you with what I'm doing while looking for work. Perhaps before and after pictures on my reorganization and I do want to paint the living room/ dining room. See never ending projects....

I hope all is well with all of you.

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