Saturday, August 16, 2014

Long week

These week was long and while I had originally planned to set out to the property this weekend I opted for a relaxing weekend in order to recharge. When I left for work on Monday I saw the "super moon" and one thing I know is when there is a full moon things get interesting.

It started with a bit of a panic about trying to register for the Pixie Dust Challenge on my ipad. I had to be at work that day, normally I'd be parked in front of my computer at home.

In my office I don't have the greatest reception in fact usually only 1 bar. I scoped out the lobby and found a spot with 4 bars. There were a few false starts but I did get registered for the 5K, the challenge, got all the pins and the jacket.

Now when I registered for the Rebel Challenge it sold out in 36 minutes.

This is as of just now on

Now this is the first time Tinker Bell weekend is in May and more specifically over Mother's Day. Now as I don't have kids or a mother anymore this didn't bother me. Yet to be 5 days later and the challenge, half and 5K are not sold out. Especially as the Pixie Dust is the inaugural challenge well that's just crazy. It actually reminds of time when RunDisney events didn't have such a rabid following.

Then I was off to Edmonton for two days and due to where our office is located I was renting a car for the first time in Edmonton.

On the way to the hotel I took the wrong exit twice. On that day I had 6 hours of sleep, worked a full day and didn't pick up the car till 8pm. They say driving tired is as bad as driving drunk. Well thankfully I got to the hotel in one piece. The trip back to the airport two days was easy peasy.

But boy did I wish I had my Escape instead of the Hyundai Accent, if I need to go again I may actually drive down. Edmonton is a 36 min flight from Calgary.

 Left to a beautiful sunset

I love landing home at night as the lights of the city are awesome, what a surprise to be landing to fireworks.

I went to my regular weigh in today, while I despise the 12:30pm time I love the people in my meeting. On the way I passed this.

It's a block from my house and I thought it was super cool. I looked into it and it's called Little Free Libraries.  I'm currently reading my first Richard Castle book but once I'm done I'm dropping in there and grabbing a different one.

I posted the picture on facebook and one of my friends told me about Book Crossing. So I'm late to the party but find this so incredibly cool. I ordered labels today as whenever I fly I get a paperback and usually only read them once.

I'm also 11 days away from leaving for Los Angeles and the Dumbo Double Dare. My training has been terrible which reminds me of the last time I did this race right after my Dad passed away. I did it then and I'll do it again.

At WI I was down .7 and considering I've worked 13 hrs a day for the past two weeks, tracked nothing and never hit the gym once I thought that was kind of awesome. The other interesting thing was that meeting was much fuller then since we moved. Hmm...fall is coming I suspect as we usually see an uptick in attendance when school starts and of course after new year's.

However I got home and updated my tracking spreadsheet, updated the graph and made it to track the year.

Tomorrow I need to grocery shop then I'm heading out for a run. I need to keep moving until I leave just to work out the kinks.

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