Saturday, July 11, 2015

Going to try this Thrive Experience

Well Hello!

Again been awhile since I posted.

The last time I dropped by I posted my new training plan and week one went awesome.  Then I got sent out of town for a few days for work  and then it was Canada Day and another day off two days later for the Stampede Parade and the plan kind of unravelled.  After a 2.6 lb loss after week one of training, on Saturday I had a 1 lb gain due to my unravelled week. Today I was down 0.6 lb. 

This week I found it hard to get back at it but I put my training plan on one page and posted it in my kitchen and at work to give me one heck of a reminder of what I need to accomplish.

This week we dressed Western in honour of the Calgary Stampede. I do own a great deal of plaid and two pairs of cowboy boots.

Now a little while ago a friend was telling me about this vitamin program she was trying called the Thrive Experience, the concept is to do it for 8 weeks. She’s on week 3 so far. I admit I wasn’t too sold when she first told me about it and dismissed it as another fad.

A direct quote from their website “The Thrive Experience is an 8 week premium lifestyle plan, to help individuals experience and reach peak physical and mental levels”

She told me that some of the reported benefits are supposed to be:
Restful sleep
Weight Management
Increased cognitive performance
Quicker recovery from workouts
Joint Health Support and the list goes on.

Now let me be clear I am super suspicious of any type of “magic” supplement. Of course the reviews on the Thrive by Le Vel website are all glowing. Once you register to order you're given your own link. I also checked reviews on Amazon and on there they were mixed but a lot had to with shipping issues and it's recommended to only by the product directly through the Thrive website or Thrive promoter not a 3rd party. I believe promoters are not supposed to sell via 3rd party like Amazon. They never claim the products to be a replacement for exercise and wise food decisions which I respect.

She’s had a very positive experience, her skin is glowing and she says she no longer gets sore after her kickboxing workouts and says she doesn't get snack attacks.  She’s super enthusiastic about it. 

Now this program is also set up as a bit of a mass market sales thing that you can participate in or not. If you get 2 people to order using your link you save money on your order. She was not by any means trying to sell it to me, she was genuinely excited about it so I decided to try it. I have zero interest in treating this as an income supplement. My mission is to see if this stuff has any impact on me and my current rut.  

She gave me a 3 day sample to check out.  

I figured I’ve been in a bit of a dump for a long time so let’s see what happens. I did go ahead and ordered a month worth after Day One and will blog about my experience on the experience.

The concept:
 Take the Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsule  right when you wake up - There’s a version for Women and one for Men. The one pictured below is the Women's version. 

·        20 min later have the Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix aka smoothie– alternate days with a regular breakfast

·         Wear the Thrive Lifestyle DFT patch for 24hrs, swap for new one every day.

The DFT now comes in a super sized version that's also available in a few different colours. I'm looking forward to trying that.

On Day One I took the capsules and 20 min later the smoothie. The smoothie comes in one flavour only and that’s vanilla but I did like that it’s 2 PP on Weightwatchers – oh yes I'm still tracking my WW points through this “Experience”. The capsules come two in pack. I decided to start with taking the two in the pack but there’s also the option to start with one and waiting to start wearing the DFT patch. It’s really all about what works for you.

I mixed the smoothie mix with  1 cup  coconut/almond milk but you can use water too. I quite liked it and actually didn't find it had any weird protein powder taste. I stuck on a DFT patch as well.

Day One was Wednesday and I did feel  more energy on my walk to the train station, felt more alert  I didn't feel snacky all day. Only ate when I was legitimately hungry.  Usually I have a cup of coffee in the morning but I didn't all through the 3 day trial run. I did go for coffee after being at work for about an hour and felt no ill effects at all. That was the only cup of caffeine I had all day stuck to just water after that.

Thursday was Day Two so vitamins/ capsules again but no smoothie as it’s regular breakfast day (I decided on one piece of toast and ½ tbsp of Peanut Butter).  Wearing another DFT patch, had no skin issues with the patch at all. Wore it on my right upper chest Day One and Day 2 it was on my ankle.  

Got notification that the one month supply shipped but not sure when it will get to me. So on to Day 3 -Friday. I took the vitamins, had the smoothie and put on another patch this time on the back of my shoulder. I definitely felt more energy when I had the smoothie so interesting to see how that goes during the month. My friend has another friend doing this experience and she has a smoothie everyday. I get the appeal it makes breakfast ridiculously simple and fast. 

I hope this package arrives soon it was supposed to arrive on Friday according to the tracking but look like it was delayed and if it comes Monday I of course won't get it till I get home for work. I'm really looking forward to this test and the next 8 weeks.

Here's to experiencing the experience. 

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