Sunday, March 15, 2015


Well Hello my friends,

This past week has been super busy and stressed, primarily due to work and I'm trying to be focused on things I can control.

Rumours of lay offs have been going around and I know this is the reality of our universe today. Of course it scares me but again trying to focus on what I can control as opposed to worrying about what I can't control. A bit of challenge as I can pick up on the nervousness of everyone around me.

Though I did have some serious stress eating but this time I tracked it. I tracked every gruesome detail. I talked about it in my WW meeting yesterday and my WW peeps were impressed I tracked it and they all said they've been there but it's not often we track it. I admit that myself as when I fall of the wagon I tend not to track.

Yup in the hole for 252 points. Though a decent amount of Activity Points and the result on the scale this week was up .2. The detail the disastrous days are in my 3 month tracker. I did actually bring workout clothes to work 4 days in a row. Those Activity Points are pretty much walking to and from the C-Train station.

Plus on Friday I came home with a sore throat and sneezing so I've been laying low to try to shake whatever is making me sneeze.

The work stress does have me rethinking my future race schedule. Some RunDisney rumours is that Avengers will have a challenge this year but I've decided even if that becomes fact I'm skipping it this year. I'm already committed to the Pixie Dust Challenge and Dumbo Double Dare. Now I'm questioning Dopey 2016. Part of me just wants to take a leap of faith and register for it as this is the race all of the other races have been building up to. We shall see how the next few weeks go.

Soon I'm off to bargaining and I'm super excited about that experience as I'll be sitting at the table this time instead of being the subject matter expert in the caucus room.

What else what have been up to?

 I finally installed the Storm Trooper....Love It
 Found this in The Bay and it's quite yummy

 Fooling around on my phone I found out I could add WW as a widget.
 The Calgary Expo costume is coming together. Yoda arrived and so did the red wig.
 I changed my vision to if Mara Jade had trained with Yoda on Dagobah, what I still need to figure out is shoes.
 The saga of the Plum Charge HR which I ordered in the beginning of January. I got an email from FitBit now giving me 20% off as it's taken forever to get this thing. I might have it sometime in April, yup been waiting for months.
Next week I vow to bring my lunch and snacks to work for at least 4 days. I will be back to report on the success of that plan.

I do hope everyone is doing well.

Take care of yourself!

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Carla Birnberg said...

baby steps.
four days at a time.
You gots this.