Friday, October 13, 2017

Rock bottom - the only option is up

Rock Bottom indeed. 

Well it’s been awhile and I know I’ve repeatedly promised to be a better blogger and utterly failed. 

The thing is I totally lost my mojo. I’ve been dialing it in on the WW front for a long time, meetings failed 
to inspire me and it was general feeling of dénouement. Plus, a load of disappointment with myself as I’m still on this journey to lose weight. 

I didn’t give up though. After a particularly horrible meeting in July where we had a temp leader that lost the crowd and I felt the conversation got super judgy about what people consume during the Calgary Stampede. I kind of lost it. A woman was saying that when she sees people with their corn dogs and such she wants to run after them and tell them about Weightwatchers. Which prompted me to say –
you don’t know their story, maybe they look forward to this once a year, maybe it’s a tradition. We are not the jury nor the judge. 

After that meeting, I realized it’s been a long time since I enjoyed a meeting. Now to be fair we had a 
long run of subs as my regular leader is a meditation coach and has a lot of weekend seminars in the summer. The attendance was random as so many people are away during the summer and my attitude wasn’t fantastic either. 

In August I signed up for WW Online. Now I’ve tried online in the past for a whole year in fact and I didn’t do well. I wasn’t in to being accountable to myself. I thought let’s try it again as I really enjoy Connect on the app and felt that could be my new instant meeting. Well for 3 months I diligently weighed in every Saturday, tracking was still hit and miss. I found the scale going in the wrong direction. While I absolutely enjoy Connect it didn’t give me the same as the 
discussions in the meeting. 

 So, last Friday I switched back to WW meetings effective Saturday. I’ve always maintained a Facebook group for my meeting as people moved away or switched to online so I let them know on there. I was overwhelmed with the positive feedback from my WW peeps on there. They told me they still talked about me and my ͞words of wisdom͟ like never lie to your tracker. 

On Saturday I went and when I walked in I got a big hug from my leader and she asked me what she 
could do differently for me. I told her it’s not her it’s me and that I needed to do better. Then as people 
came in a few came to me to give me a hug and welcome me back. 

I’m so happy to back and part of my WW meeting family. 
For the past week, I’ve tracked EVERTHING diligently and I should see a loss too. I’m acting like I’ve never done WW before and it’s my first week. I tossed all the snacks that had accumulated in my desk. 

Started reading some books to work on areas I need to work on like: 
Eating Mindfully by Susan Albers 

No Sweat (How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness) by Michelle Segar 

The Power of Meaning by Emily Esfahani Smith 

It’s not uncommon for me to have a few books on the go. 

So I’m back, committed and excited to be back on this journey. 

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Not Dead :)

I can't believe the last time I posted was January. Le's not like I have wanted to post. I've written drafts and then life gets in the way,  and then I felt it was no longer relevant so I didn't post. Fast forward and it's already May. I remember my Dad used to say that time goes faster as you get older and I think he was on to something.

Well what have I been up to? There were some RunDisney runs in January and I now don't go back till November for the Super Hero Weekend. I signed up for my 3rd and last attempt at the Dopey Challenge in 2018. Now my focus is rebuilding my base to get ready for those training plans.

For the past few months I've gotten my geek on. As you may or may not know I am a massive Star Wars fan so I've been embracing that side in a major way.

 To encourage myself to pack lunch I got a Star Wars lunch bag and I love it. Goal this week is to back everyday.

 I went to my first Star Wars Celebration in Orlando in April

 Before I left I got this to encourage myself to drink water and I like it so much I got one for home. It flashes if you haven't picked up your water bottle in 30 minutes. I'm averaging 9 cups of water a day while at work.

 I slept on the floor of a convention centre for two nights in row while at Star Wars Celebration (with thousands of other people) to secure wristbands to the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars panel and the Last Jedi panel. By slept I mean power napped but my friend and I made some great friends and totally know what to do for next celebration.

 So we got to the convention centre and lined up to be in by 8pm, wristbands were handed out at 6am and then you moved to another line to actually get in the room and the panel didn't start till 11am. I spent a lot of time in line. But weirdly enough had 125,573 steps that week with spending an incredible amount of hours sleeping/ sitting on a convention room floor.

 Found my spirit animal at the Cosplay Championships. Yup they hand applied a whack of crystals on to this Stormtrooper armor.

 Finally secured the Death Star tree topper and the Star Wars Celebration expo.
 Came home with the flu starting with the flight home. Felt like death, and sounded like a 40 year smoker. It's been 3 weeks and while I still have a stubborn cough, I do sound like myself and no longer get looks of concern.
 Feeling way better and embracing May the 4th, no I did not wear the ears all day. Though I rocked my bedazzled lightsaber shirt and had the whole department saying "May the 4th be with you"
 Embracing another Star Wars accessory to fit my lunch bag and daily essentials
 Got home and replaced my plethora of RunDisney stickers on my Escape to focus on the light and dark side of the force

Didn't go to a WW meeting for a month as I was away and then trying to get rid of the flu. I did go back today though and am 100 percent recommitting myself to my goal of getting to goal. I'm off to a good start today so now it's keep the momentum going.

My goals for the week:
Track everything every day
Keep it up with the water intake
Return to the gym

This week I started walking to and from the train station with is about 15 to 20 min each way to get the lungs used to exercise again.

My goal is to also get bet back to blogging weekly.
So looking forward to catching up with all of you and getting back to my goals.